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The Book of Ruth

created by Sah Tyndale

I am living in my father’s house, and sleep in the bedroom he shared with my mother, who passed away in 2006.  She left a beautiful large stained glass piece on the wall of the bedroom.  It quotes the Book of Ruth–“Where you go, I go, and your God will be my God.”  I looked at it this morning, and wondered what it had meant to her–I know she was a very spiritual person and both she and my father were united in their faithfulness to the Roman Catholic Church. She didn’t convert to be with my father, they always shared the same God.

Last night, I returned to Christ Tabernacle after a long hiatus.  The worship was so strong and powerful last night, it was incredible, because the music ministry is beautiful there, but last night, there was hardly any singing, mostly just the church’s body praising.  One song that did refrain was “Show Me Your Glory” but Pastor Maria Durso’s voice soared above, declaring “Look on your right, look on your left, look to the front, look to the back–that is My glory saith the Lord.” I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as clearly as the clothes on my back.

I think the Book of Ruth quote suddenly spoke to me this morning (after all, I have been sleeping in that room for 6 months now and never paid attention before) because I have to learn that accepting God is not something to reason through or to rationalize or to overthink.  Ruth accepted her mother-in-law’s God and she became faithful.  I am sometimes too much of a thinker, too logical and don’t allow myself to just see God’s glory enough. I have a lot of work to do.  May I become more like Ruth.


hour and twenty

my new goal is to add 10 minutes a week to my slow weekend run..last week 1 hour 10 min, this week, 1 hour 20..I figure this will put me up to 3 hours by the end of June when I start marathon training in earnest (On June 26 I will start twenty weeks of training!)

My base for my sunday run was Brookwood Hall in E. Islip, a park on land where there once was a hotel, than a mansion, and it served as an orphanage until 1965. I wanted to go to Heckscher State Park, but it costs 8.00 to get in on weekends (already?) I ended up running in the neighborhood and on Montauk Highway as well, and a nature preserve adjoining which had no obvious entrance but trails.  the pond at Brookwood is very picturesque, and the day was beautiful.

Earlier I went to mass at St. Mary’s, my family’s parish. For the first time I think since my mother’s death I went to HER 12:15 pm mass, the one where she was lector, her favorite one.  I never find her in the masses we hold for her once a year, because they are in the church itself, but here I was back in the elementary school auditorium, slowly beautified over the years, with that same wooden statue of Mary I have stared at since I was 2 years old, where I felt her presence.  The Holy Spirit was very present too–I cried and sang and wished I could express myself with the ecstasy that Christ Tabernacle encourages, but even containing that fire felt like grace.

The Daniel Fast

It is day 5 of the Daniel Fast (a partial 21 day fast- no meat, sugar, chemicals in short–Daniel only ate vegetables and water)  at Christ Tabernacle.  I tried to explain in my own words to a friend “why fast?”  In his book FASTING, Jentezen Franklin, quoted the Book of Mark and  spoke of  the strong braided cord of giving, praying and fasting.  I spoke of it as a ‘restraint’ – a yogic word, which does not frighten me, but turned her off.  Then I had to say, well the Church is not saying restraint, I am!

I was very inspired by a day long fast a few weeks ago, it helped me to think about hunger and need and I have yet to find a way to ‘feed people and love people’ the way I heard the words of Neem Karoli Baba.

Restraint makes you step back a moment and reflect–on need vs. desire, on the plight of others in other places and times.  It makes me aware that I am very addicted to caffeine, that I am careless about the way I eat, and that this awareness feeds me because it will encourage the right thing in me, making me a better vessel to serve the Beloved.

First, Second, Third Nights..

Happy New Year.  Ian and I ran the 5K at Saratoga Springs’ First Night Festival.  We were well prepared, and really ready to run after not doing so in the 2 feet high snow.  It was my first race with 1000 other people, and the crowd began to give me a sense of vertigo, as we all started off I couldn’t even feel my feet, although my eyesight was very keen.  I felt high from the energy before I had taken 3 steps, but I was also fearful, each step was scary to me.  Once that initial surge passed, it was an uphill slog.  For awhile I kept up with Ian, than I gave him my blessing so he could bolt away with a little leap of joy.  I realize that our side by side training holds him back.  So many people seemed to overtake me, that it kept me determined to keep somewhat of a pace, although it was difficult.  I began to heel strike just so something could happen, and I did speed up by doing so, but the downside was a terrible electrical pain in my shoulder, I felt every single bone, and I became enraged, it finally lifted when I was forced myself to speed up a bit.  The first mile was slow, they yelled times to us and I was at 11:53, but the second mile went quickly, as it was more flat.  I managed to get a second wind for the very last bit, even though there was one more hill right before mile 3.  The cheering crowd spurred me, and I entered alongside a couple.  I finished in 34:23, with a pace of 11:04.  I was # 800, with 1021 finishers total, but I saw numbers as high as 1081.  Ian was # 615 with 30:47 and a pace of 9:55.  Because we started towards the back, he was slowed, as we all were, so he really wondered ‘what if’ we had our own watch to tell us how we did.  I was just purely grateful.  I didn’t burst into tears, but I was suffering.  Then of course we were both wildly elated and texted pictures of ourselves with our finishers medals to all family members.  Back at our hotel, we began First Night in earnest with a fantastic gospel group, ran up to shower, and then enjoyed Asian Dancing (we both got up and did some ribbon dancing) Belly Dancing (non participatory) Irish music, dinner at an Italian restaurant and finally back in our hotel for Blues from a fantastic group, and to our bedroom where we got to watch the fireworks through our window.  My senses remained acute, and I remained bathed in gratitude.

The next day we hung around a bit in Saratoga, but the town was pretty much hung over and we mostly read at Borders.  Then on to Montclair NJ and Bhagavan Das..

I am haunted by this soul’s voice, he says his voice carries darshan of Neem Karoli Baba, and I definitely found myself going through a deep experience with the chants.  The next day at Christ Tabernacle, Ian and I were ready for worship!  The church is entering into the Daniel Fast.  We had heard some general thoughts about the fast a few weeks ago, but although we wanted to commit, we weren’t quite ready, and made some mistakes yesterday.  Finally, we set out a contract to ourselves with slight modifications (leavened bread and coffee for Ian/Green Tea for me) I will try to taper from caffeine addiction through the fast, but I fear cold turkey…

And, we ran the Williamsburgh bridge, with an additional sprint we did about 2.5, with a total running week of 5.7.  The commitment to run the bridge was just another beautiful reminder the togetherness Ian and I experience in moments.  We just decided we wanted to run a bridge, and we did it.  The vista made it worthwhile, the incline made it just a bit challenging, and the length was nice and short.

a love song

My Life is A Love Song to You

by Jason Morant

Where can I go, were can I run
from you, you’re everywhere
you know all my thoughts
you see all my ways
and still, you come to me

so I sing a love song to you
so I sing a love song to you

From heaven above, to earth down below
your love, rains down on me
you know where I’ve been
You see through my skin
and still, you come to me

so I sing a love song to you
so I sing a love song to you

My life is a love song to you (repeat)

you walk on waves, You run with clouds
you paint sky for me to see
your majesty, your majesty is why I sing

This is a love song to You,
This is a love song to You

You walk on waves
You run with clouds
You paint the sky for me to see
Your majesty, Your majesty is why I sing

My life’s a love song to You
You know my life’s a love song to You
My life’s a love song to You
My life’s a love song

I will always remember when I first heard Jeremiah sing this at Christ Tabernacle.  I wanted my life to be a love song to God.  Some of the harmonies have been dissonant since then, but I am practicing hard.

Today, we will run.  Yes, we still can do three outings this week and not have blown the training schedule.  This is comforting but I long to run.   But, I have spent time with the Good News and that is exercising my mind and soul.