Birthday Musings

I turned 49 today.  I didn’t plan anything special with anyone, and am actually taking a business trip later in the day, but I still feel happy–to be alive I guess, I am so lucky to have the family and loved ones that I do, a job that is very meaningful and pays my bills.  Despite night sweats, some new wrinkles and occasional twinges of sadness that I never had kids, I am deliriously happy, and am so gifted by God.

On Saturday I plan to run in the NY Road Runner’s Grete’s race, named for Grete Waitz, who won 9 NYC marathons, and was a quiet humanitarian as well, who passed away this year from cancer at age 57.  It is a half-marathon, and I think my many Sundays and week nights running on Fire Island have trained me well enough to finish.  But more importantly the training has made me more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been, more aware of my own potential and given me many moments of awe, as in the moment when a deer licked my hand and let me pet her, while her fawn gazed at me with the darkest eyes I have ever seen.


2 responses to “Birthday Musings

  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to NY…. my part of town. I hope you do well in the marathon.

  2. thank you so much! I enjoy your blog very much.

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