The Book of Ruth

created by Sah Tyndale

I am living in my father’s house, and sleep in the bedroom he shared with my mother, who passed away in 2006.  She left a beautiful large stained glass piece on the wall of the bedroom.  It quotes the Book of Ruth–“Where you go, I go, and your God will be my God.”  I looked at it this morning, and wondered what it had meant to her–I know she was a very spiritual person and both she and my father were united in their faithfulness to the Roman Catholic Church. She didn’t convert to be with my father, they always shared the same God.

Last night, I returned to Christ Tabernacle after a long hiatus.  The worship was so strong and powerful last night, it was incredible, because the music ministry is beautiful there, but last night, there was hardly any singing, mostly just the church’s body praising.  One song that did refrain was “Show Me Your Glory” but Pastor Maria Durso’s voice soared above, declaring “Look on your right, look on your left, look to the front, look to the back–that is My glory saith the Lord.” I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as clearly as the clothes on my back.

I think the Book of Ruth quote suddenly spoke to me this morning (after all, I have been sleeping in that room for 6 months now and never paid attention before) because I have to learn that accepting God is not something to reason through or to rationalize or to overthink.  Ruth accepted her mother-in-law’s God and she became faithful.  I am sometimes too much of a thinker, too logical and don’t allow myself to just see God’s glory enough. I have a lot of work to do.  May I become more like Ruth.


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