20 weeks from today

The Marine Corps Marathon is 20 weeks away.  It is time for me to get serious about training for it.  Today I ran/walked for over 2 hours in beautiful Hecksher Park, in my new Merrell Pace Gloves–my ‘barefoot’ shoes I had found in my closet basically fell apart.  I loved the ‘gloves’ as soon as I tried them on–they provide more support than did my others and a great freedom in the toes without the Vibram 5 finger look, although Vibram obviously engineered these, as the brand is stamped on the botttom.  I had enjoyed being anti-consumerist as well as barefoot, but I think these shoes will really work for me.  My legs were tired afterwards.  I am giving good love to my feet with shoes like these..but weekdays 9-5 have not given up heels..I still feel I need my work costume, complete with severe glasses which have clear glass in them to make me look more serious and studious…ah to spend all my days being real on the trail..


7 responses to “20 weeks from today

  1. Vibram Five Fingers is the only footwear to offer unlimited joy like walking barefoot. Of course, we should thank for the special sole which can make five fingers take activities independently and protect our feet at the same time.Vibram Five Fingersconnect our feet with the earth through a particular method which can’t be realized by Traditional shoes. You will enjoy the barefoot feeling. You can walk more liberty, nature and health. Vibram Five Fingerscan stimulate the foot muscle, increase blood circulation and improve scope of operation. Users all give high evaluation to the extraordinary shoes. They said after they wore them, balance enhanced and make them more flexible. Their walking styles have been improved invisibly.Vibram Five Fingers is suit for hiking, climbing, running, training, YOGA,sailing, boating, surfing and other sports.

  2. Glad to hear you find such honesty in your running…. and simplicity…. detatchment from many of life’s pressures and persuasions.



  3. Thank you, for stopping by, Chaz. Running has been such an incredible gift I have given myself (and others, I am sure, who benefit from my improved attitude towards life!)

    • I feel the same way about my fitness program which includes cycling and resistance training. Perfect opportunities to practice and become stronger at perseverance, being in the moment, quieting the mind, gratitude, just to name a few. Can then transpose these assets into other areas of life.

  4. Those are awesome shoes.

  5. thanks, I am getting some mileage on them! Thanks so much for stoppig by, your site is great.

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