that moment..

I had been on a running roll–I ran despite 15 hour work days, I ran in Florida despite great heat, I got up early and ran and took military showers and left for work with wet hair, I ran after work although hungry and tired.  But I have slowed.  Its the moment now, I can either get something more to eat at Starbucks right now and keep doing homework for my online course, or do some work for my job so I can feel caught up when I get tomorrow morning, or go home and vacuum my house and clean the cat litter.  Some days, all of these thoughts are much less attractive than going to one of the beautiful LI parks and running. But today, for some reason, I am less ambitious..I am talking myself out of the marathon because Runner’s World prescribed  12 months of 15 mile weeks, I won’t QUITE make that, and should press on, but its that moment..I am finding excuses..I am backing down.   I think I got burnt out at work–some major presentations one after another, some problems with coworkers that keep me up at night rehearsing assertive scripts…

My last two runs were wonderful.  One early morning on LI, nothing special but just solid and felt good.  The one before in FL was more of an adventure–I ended up on a remote trail, and for the first time, I saw an owl in a tree, I have only seen them in zoos before, I also scared a deer, we practically ran into each other, and he snorted and gave a little scream which then really scared me and he hightailed around and clomped off.  On my way back, he was on his way back, but this time he snorted only without the scream.

So, I illustrate this post with an image of an owl, an image of wisdom.  So wisely, I am going to try to go out and run in a few minutes.  I know I will return happier, more balanced, more energized.


4 responses to “that moment..

  1. I often just shut my brain off, stop rationalizing and trying to keep such a sensible balance, and just go out and cycle (my equivalent to your running).

    I never regret it. Even if I later realize that it may not have been the optimal use of my time for that moment, I at least know it is better than sitting around waffling and churning. At least I am contributing to my own fitness and when I am back, my thinking is clearer and I have a small victory under my belt. Success than breed more success.

    Its a guaranteed win.



  2. Thanks, Chaz! I had such an incredible run after writing that post and sending it off. The acts of blogging and running (or cycle) are all so very healing..

    • changingmoods

      “The acts of blogging and running (or cycle) are all so very healing.”

      I guess getting your feelings out on the blog helped make it easier for you to just clear your head and run.

  3. Yes, very much so! I wouldn’t have run if I hadn’t blogged myself into it! Thanks for stopping by.

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