musings on eating…

Lisa in Tub with Chocolate Cake by Lee Price

Strawberry Swirl by Lee Price

I stumbled upon the Ms. Magazine Blog and began to look at a series of posts on eating disorders.  Meanwhile I am down in Florida visiting my sister and teen aged nieces and the subject came up again.  I realize that my discussions don’t really go to eating/weight that much–for one thing, running is allieviating my anxieties.  But who can escape body image concerns in this society?  And I cannot deny that my initial desire to run lay in the opportunity to lose weight.  The Daniel Fast in January helped me to some good habits (breakfast/lunch for one!)  and Jeff Galloway’s book Marathon helped guide me–45 minutes 2 times a week/90 minutes once a week will convert the body into a fat burner–so simple! Until there is an injury or something.  Nobody noticed my gradual weight loss until the breakup with Ian–then I just couldn’t eat, and it plummetted my weight low.  Now my appetite is so healthy, it is a bit scary and I have gained some weight back.  I am not a strict vegan but when I am good about avoiding animal products, it feels like a practice, fulfilling in and of itself.

The Ms. Magazine Blog entry that most intrigued me showed Lee Price’s photographs of women eating in bathtubs and bathrooms, very provocative–

I pray I can continue to run, so that I am not left with that out of control, shamed feeling I experience when I look at these powerful photos.  “Lisa in Tub with Chocolate Cake” really captures that.  But Strawberry Swirl is a really sensual and beautiful image–both in their own way capture something I feel, both in the tub and while eating.

I ran for 40 minutes to the University of Central Florida campus and back.  There was a beautiful scent of honeysuckle for most of the way.


2 responses to “musings on eating…

  1. LOVE! I’m so glad you are so determined and striving for healthier ways. How long ago did you guys break up? I’m sorry. I recently went through the same thing, didn’t wanna eat and all I did was cry. Running always took my mind off of it, or at least was a positive outlet! xx

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