Green Belt and Blogging on a Runner’s High..


Addiction might not be the right metaphor for me and running.  I am sort of the opposite of addicted.  I know running is good for me,  but I forget how good it feels until I am 30 minutes in and the high kicks in..I am more reminded of the first painful 20 minutes as I ready myself for my weekly long slow run.  I have been adding 10 minutes a week, and 1 hour and 40 meant 1 hour and 20 minutes of really gooooooooood times this afternoon.  I am still floating on it, haven’t come down yet.

I ran at Heckscher again and connected to the Green Belt Trail, part of 33 miles that join the south and north shore of Long Island. It was really an adventure, moving between sand and bay to twisting trails aligning bogs and fields, with an occassional encounter with deer, rabbits, and the best, a beautiful fox who blended into the yellow reeds (I always thought they were red) but after he had hopped away from me, was interested enough to look back for a moment.  Then suddenly there is a bench that was built by some boy scout or a walk made of bricks.  But no humans.  I want to do my practice 26 miles along the Green Belt I have decided.  I hated turning back but did not want to get lost again.

This past week, I did alot of run/walking, Monday Thursday and Friday always for at least an hour each.  I am happy, but clueless about mileage or pace.  Fortunately, Chi Running, the book on running I am most lately devouring agrees with my approach, to think of time and not miles.  Oh, and they agree with my practice of taking a hot bath rather than an ice one–hooray!  I think I am on my way now to a nice long HOT soak.  Love you, readers, if ever anyone comes on this page!! xoxo


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