hour and twenty

my new goal is to add 10 minutes a week to my slow weekend run..last week 1 hour 10 min, this week, 1 hour 20..I figure this will put me up to 3 hours by the end of June when I start marathon training in earnest (On June 26 I will start twenty weeks of training!)

My base for my sunday run was Brookwood Hall in E. Islip, a park on land where there once was a hotel, than a mansion, and it served as an orphanage until 1965. I wanted to go to Heckscher State Park, but it costs 8.00 to get in on weekends (already?) I ended up running in the neighborhood and on Montauk Highway as well, and a nature preserve adjoining which had no obvious entrance but trails.  the pond at Brookwood is very picturesque, and the day was beautiful.

Earlier I went to mass at St. Mary’s, my family’s parish. For the first time I think since my mother’s death I went to HER 12:15 pm mass, the one where she was lector, her favorite one.  I never find her in the masses we hold for her once a year, because they are in the church itself, but here I was back in the elementary school auditorium, slowly beautified over the years, with that same wooden statue of Mary I have stared at since I was 2 years old, where I felt her presence.  The Holy Spirit was very present too–I cried and sang and wished I could express myself with the ecstasy that Christ Tabernacle encourages, but even containing that fire felt like grace.


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