running solo

I have ‘run’ twice since I broke up with Ian.  The first time was to get out of the way when he and his mom took stuff out of my apartment.  I got a cramp, but walked briskly for 45 minutes to stay out of the way. It was an unusually warm day and I hadn’t run in two weeks, and it was very discouraging.  The next time was cold and rainy.  I wanted to run in Queens after work before I headed back to LI, but everywhere is so full of memories of running alongside him.  I settled on Little Bay Park, adjoining the Joe Michael Mile, next to the Throg’s Neck..I always remember how my little sister at about the age of 3 lost her mind as we crossed over the Throg’s Neck, because the first man on the moon was being announced excitedly on the radio, and we were all hyped, she misunderstood all the excitement, looked out and started screaming…she is in her 40s now and still hates suspension bridges..I did well, but it was too short, so I braved another mile at Joe Michael, our home course, where Ian and I made so many memories encouraging each other, fighting each other and just being beside each other.  I also tried to return to my pace of an 11 minute mile–and I did about 10 1/2 minutes, even with a bit of walking at the 1/2 mile mark!  I look forward to running again tomorrow.   I don’t want running to be about sadness.  I am enjoying learning Italian on my trips to and fro the house.  I am happy to be with my cats again.  I am really into my Ed.D. program.  Life is good and I am so grateful to God.


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