i should take my own advice..

this is a note I wrote to my 17 year old niece who was experiencing hearbreak a month or so ago, in her note, she apologized for ranting:

Hi Samantha,

I am so relieved to be able to write you. Its good to rant a little bit. Its so hard getting over someone and moving on. Its natural for you to keep thinking of him–he was really central to your life for awhile. Nothing makes up for that at first, but I think there are good ways of making it easier…

# 1 create a piece of art about it–a film, write more poetry, draw (I know you do this, but if you really get into it, the piece itself can become even more important than the circumstances! And more lasting..)

# 2 Just throw yourself into imagining your next love–the law of attraction says you bring to you what you imagine, so make him really cool in your mind and prepare for him, as if he exists. (This has worked for me when I was feeling lonely)

# 3 Know that NOTHING is never REALLY over–for the time being, he is out of your life, but he refriended you on Facebook–perhaps you will meet some day, but LIVE YOUR LIFE until that day, so that when he does come around, it will be nice but not that important–

I know you are doing all this stuff already, I merely VALIDATE your resilience..

I read this cool book that I will try to send you called HOW THE GARCIA GIRLS LOST THEIR ACCENT–I don’t know why, but it made me think it would be good for you to get absorbed in it! Just the reality of life…you can skip around, each little story stands on its own.

I love you very much, I am so proud of you, you are such an amazing person, that I cry just thinking about how beautiful you are. Make sure the men who see you and get who you are worthy of your greatness…




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