Tribal Baroque


It was really wonderful how we discovered Tribal Baroque.  I was shopping in Ocean Beach just west of San Diego, and Ian just saw Thoth and went up to him.  How incredible that he and Lila’Angelica (LA) were performing across from Bethesda fountain, one of my favorite places, for years and we missed them but found them by the seaside in Southern California.  Ian and Thoth grew up blocks from each other, in different time periods.  I got to see a prayformance by the group two days later, Ian, sadly for him, was watching his team lose in the superbowl.  I heard LA’s voice first, pure tone, and I followed the voice until I saw them both on El Prado in Balboa Park.  since then, I have watched as many videos as I can get hold of–above is a link to a wonderful documentary short, that sadly, predates LA…if I could take 6 months off, I would adore following them both  around with a camera.

I was raised on and trained in theatre, and am even an assoc. prof. of theatre (on leave) but I have felt done with theatre, betrayed by so much banality.  I am not excited about ANYTHING, with the exception once every few years when I see something sacred and beyond language.  The last piece that really excited me before these two street performers was Gilgamesh by Song of the Goat theatre, a Polish company who visited LaMama in 2004.  I also generally love Butoh, and movement theatre.  Thoth and Lila’Angelique are so incredible in their artistry, drawing from so many sources, creating their own world with so little….  ENJOY READERS, I hope someone does read this and learns about this duo.

Only ran 3 miles last week!!! Jet lag, illness, excuses excuses excuses…i miss it…


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