I had a wonderful time in California, it started with business ended with pleasure.

We stayed the first 8 nights at the Brahmananda Ashram in San Francisco.  I was worried because I had to work the first days, that I would not be a helpful member of the community, but as guests, there was alot of flexibility.  I still was able to attend many Vedic Fire ceremonies, which were a wonderful way to start and end the day meditating on a fire and remembering that life’s flame is brief.  I attended two yoga classes which were conducted in a way that made me believe in hatha yoga again, because the instructor had such a holistic view of yoga–the yoga sutras of Pantanjali were always in the forefront.

We ran three times, one time in the Mission District of San Francisco, late after work.  We ran the Golden Gate Bridge on my first day off, which was a real thrill, run/walking helped to give us a chance to absorb the views, and we trotted around the stunning Presidio cliffs as well.

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  Finally, we ran on Ocean Beach, a community outside San Diego, as the sun was setting.  Beautiful runs, untimed, with no sense of mileage, although I can check on the Bridge’s length I suppose.

I hope to write more on the Yoga Society of San Francisco, and Tribal Baroque in upcoming posts!  Also, Ian and I did do a 7 mile run before we left!  Ready for a 10K!


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