the skin of the snake

You can’t rip the skin off the snake.  It must moult.  Ram Dass received this message on a chalkboard from his teacher, a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba  named Hari Das, who was teaching him Raja yoga using parable-like phrases.

I have been in a hurry for the skin that has been growing for years in me to suddenly rip off–that would be extremely painful, but still I am unsatisfied with some of my emotional/spiritual progress.  Meanwhile I am oh so willing to listen to Jeff Galloway’s advice on the physical plane–don’t burn yourself out!  Take rest days!  I am finding great success with Jeff Galloway’s running plan, I did two 4.7 runs this week outside, and one hour run inside a track which was at least 5 miles I would say, for  my longest mileage in a week of 14.4– .  I take walk breaks.  I ice my tender achilles (ah, yes, my achilles heel  is my achilles heel).  Meanwhile, I rage against my inability to keep my focus on myself, and when my focus is off myself — WATCH OUT!  someone could get hurt.  Until I run again, and then my endorphins kick in, and my rage subsides..

So running is one answer to my despair and the perfect metaphor for the way I should approach (rather than attack) other aspects of my life.


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