It’s Here Now. Am I?

Bhagavan Das

Last week, Ian and I:

Ran 3.2 miles on Tuesday and 3.7 on Thursday.  Then we were waylaid by icy streets, and didn’t run on the weekend.

We tried to walk on Sunday, but the cold was getting to me.  We were also fasting on water and miso soup, so I think even a walk in the cold and wind felt brutal.  We found refuge in a Border’s and I found Jeff Galloway’s Marathon Book.  He advocated walk breaks, which I have always feared, taking pride in the fact that I RUN the entire distance I note..but I tried walk breaks on my own on Monday and I was really pleased with my distance of 4.7, the most I have done in awhile.

I was pleased about the fast when I was reading It’s Here Now.  Are You? by Bhagavan Das.  His first guru had him on a daily diet of a glass of milk and a slice of bread.  I was less enthused when I was reading Jeff Galloway and thinking about nutrition as a runner.

It’s Here Now. Are You? by Bhaghavan Das is the perfect book for me.  “God doesn’t care what you call him.”  He is the only other Born Again Christian/Kali worshipper I know. He makes me less lonely.  He even got into AA for awhile. “Then it got too AA”  The prose always conversational and amusing..  “He was a breathatarian.  That was his thing.  He was really skinny.”  I keep laughing when I read those lines. But then, there are these moments when he speaks of God.  That’s when I cry.


One response to “It’s Here Now. Am I?

  1. It’s Here Now is such an amazing book! Nice review!

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