The Daniel Fast

It is day 5 of the Daniel Fast (a partial 21 day fast- no meat, sugar, chemicals in short–Daniel only ate vegetables and water)  at Christ Tabernacle.  I tried to explain in my own words to a friend “why fast?”  In his book FASTING, Jentezen Franklin, quoted the Book of Mark and  spoke of  the strong braided cord of giving, praying and fasting.  I spoke of it as a ‘restraint’ – a yogic word, which does not frighten me, but turned her off.  Then I had to say, well the Church is not saying restraint, I am!

I was very inspired by a day long fast a few weeks ago, it helped me to think about hunger and need and I have yet to find a way to ‘feed people and love people’ the way I heard the words of Neem Karoli Baba.

Restraint makes you step back a moment and reflect–on need vs. desire, on the plight of others in other places and times.  It makes me aware that I am very addicted to caffeine, that I am careless about the way I eat, and that this awareness feeds me because it will encourage the right thing in me, making me a better vessel to serve the Beloved.


2 responses to “The Daniel Fast

  1. Fascinating.

    I have not fasted for a number of years. But had done so in the past. One thing I can say for sure, is it refocuses our primary perspectives, especially since we live in such a food-centred and food-addicted culture.

    I liken it to randomly rearranging your furniture for a period of time. Would we not gain a new appreciation for the space we have and the comfort it provides if it were all to change suddenly, even temporarily?

    One thing is for sure, we as a society don’t know how to eat healthily. Our countries, as fine as they are, both have obesity epidemics. Yet we have more knowledge and technology to remain healthy available to us than any other time in history.

    So I say, bring it. Great idea. And hey, patterning one’s dietary strategy after someone notable from the old-Testament?, Well I could think of far bigger risks to take.

    Good on you. Look forward to hearing further results.



  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Chaz. The furniture analogy is perfect, I think. Yesterday I did a miso soup/water fast day…because the Daniel Fast is too close to my diet to feel like a great austerity–and I did alot of inspirational reading, and felt very content most of the time. But I don’t want to see miso soup again for awhile..

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