Blizzard Jog

Last week Ian and I:

Jogged 2 miles on Wed (see last post)…Jogged another 2 on Friday,  Christmas eve , decided in the morning we were too lazy for the Christmas Self Transcendent 2 mile race with the Sri Chinmoy group but did jog  for about 45 minutes in the blizzard on the 26th, (Santa gave us both plenty of gorgeous coldweather running gear, we had to try it out) I don’t know the mileage it was mainly about trying to keep the wind, hail and snow from direct facial contact…at one point my cap slipped up a bit and it was like God was throwing cold rocks at my temple.  We were so damned proud of our Blizzard Jog, that we shoveled out and tried to get to a family dinner on Queens Blvd…as the storm raged..we went to Ian’s mom’s, got stuck in her parking lot, then Ian went and found a shovel and someone to help him while I waited in her apt, then he got stuck two times around the block, couldn’t find parking so we started home..we got stuck 6 times on the LIE and finally at 11:30 pm after being out since 5 pm, got stuck a block from the house.  We got provisions from the house and camped out in the car and were pulled by 2 fireman at about 9 am.  I was proud of the way we worked together in extremes…”reverse, drive, floor it!!”  on the LIE, both of us broke free with the car on 2 separate occassions, the other running behind, trusting that we would be ok…

this a.m. walked 1.2 miles to work the snow and my heavy clothing made it a physical challenge.  our 5 k race is friday, it will be hard to jog with 16 inches of accumulation, but fortunately, we have trained consistently.  we did a yoga tape last night, CRUNCH CANDELIGHT YOGA (recommended for a gentle workout) which was good because our bodies were tired from furious shoveling and car sleeping.  We got it on netflix.  Most of the yoga you can stream immediately is like “yoga booty baby” and all that stuff, which is not what I want in a yoga tape..which led to viewing Enlighten Up–a review is forthcoming.  I am resolved to try for more yoga on rest days–you heard it here, ladies and gentlemen!!!


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