Peace Beyond Any Understanding of It

The Face of Peace by Pablo Picasso

On this blog I have shared a few arguments I have had with my significant other, Ian.  I want to write down and therefore keep record of some wonderful peaceful days we have had together of late, in which we have grown as partners. I credit this to all the work we have done, praying, 12 stepping, running.  He is younger than me, and I think my peri-menopausal changes have surprised us both.  On his side, some early childhood traumas rub up against that, and wham!!!  Last night I just felt as though the hard shell of my youth which has been cracking and disturbing me fell away on some level (after our 3.6 mile run in the bitterest cold yet with ice on the ground, before that a wonderful lunch at one of the Sri Chinmoy establishments featuring an amazing Egyptian Yellow Tea with Fenugreek which seem to have magical healing properties, and always surrounding ourselves with devotional music from across the world) and I found myself suddenly this older, wiser, loving woman..I hope it lasts!!! But I know all things pass, “in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to Sing”…


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