All of my life

In every season

You are still God

I have a reason to sing

I have a reason to worship

–from Change the Atmosphere, The Christ Tabernacle Choir

This week I ran 4 miles on Thursday,  about 2+ miles on Saturday and 3.6 on Sunday for a total 9.6 (at least)

Thursday’s run felt great, on Joe Michael’s mile, a week earlier I was suffering but was strong this time and actually picked up speed the last mile

Saturday was amazing, I did the asphalt walkways around my house which have steep inclines, and I usually need/love to run in beautiful settings but somehow the Clearview expressway the broken bottles and torn metal fences were gorgeous.  The grey weather was perfect.

The same today, Sunday, the rainy cold December is looking  stark and beautiful, the garbage on the side of the road was modern sculpture.  The wind was playing with us.

I have been reading alot about  Neem Karoli Baba, chanting daily and today we are fasting.  Today at church I felt the pain of hunger, and pulled my stomach in to tighten it.  Then I became very sad, imagining someone who was hungry every day having to do that, and I was filled with sadness over the great suffering that many people undergo every day.  I prayed to turn my life into one that alleviates suffering.  Neem Karoli Baba says “Feed People.  Love People.”

Hare OM!! Amen, Hallelujiah…


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