9 1/2 miles

Alley Pond Park track was part of Vanderbilt’s private motorway for race car driving…

9 1/2 miles last week

Tuesday  was supposed to be a 4 mile–we talked about that already–1/2 mile walk and 1/2 mile run

Thursday was a 4 miler–Joe Michael’s Mile in the dark and cold

Friday was a mile around the house

Sunday was a 4 miler–Alley Pond Park

And…nothing yet this week…the cold….December is hitting my bones and my brain….

But…Marathon Sweetheart finished her marathon, overcoming pain through her faith…a true inspiration!!!


And..I got new running shoes…Lunarflys–the flexible instep is really working for me, but they are CRAZY looking, neon-pink…


2 responses to “9 1/2 miles

  1. CONGRATS on all of those miles you’re logging in there girl! I bet it feels great to run and grow to where you are now! Merry Christmas

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