Om Nama Shivaya

Shiva’s eye–fractal image

Half mile run/half mile walk last night on Joe Michael’s mile.  Joe Michael would have done the 4 miles he promised himself, I am sure, but I was ambivalent, I have a bad cold, sore throat and it was rainy.  Then Ian and I had another epic fight, so my energy was going into yelling.  The reason I had set my goal to 4 miles today was to run in the NY Road Runners Jingle Jog, which is what Ian wants to do.  I am ambivalent, thinking that we should keep it slow and focus on our 5k goal..I don’t want to burn out and stop running because I pushed to fast..We got over our differences for the moment, and promised to run THIS MORNING, but had a change of heart when the weather was even worse.  We put on Karnamitra and read about Carol who was transformed by the chant Om Nama Shivaya.

The chanting inspired me to do some good yoga with weights, both stretch and strength training.  Our new promise to each other–running at night, chanting in the morning.  Maybe then we can stay balanced and  at peace.  We are sure trying..

Om Nama Shivaya…I  never get an exact translation of it–Shiva is the destroyer.  Doesn’t sound so comforting, but its about transforming,  its about transforming by fire.  I love all of Krishna Das, but when he sings that, I can feel it vibrate through my entire body.  I feel as though my molecules are getting shaken up.  The feminine destroyer Goddess is Kali.  I have a great love and affinity for Kali, in all her gruesomeness. I love that the Hindu Gods embrace the dark and the light or our reality. I love that many Hindus worship the One they call Lord Jesus.  Because no matter my heterodoxies, I am most moved by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.  For God so loved the world.  Prayer is prayer is prayer.



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