Racing through the Holidays..

Belmont Lake State Park–very cool

The Fire Island Lighthouse – my family’s annual walk to it with the occasional deer or even fox sighting is cherished by all of us..

Last week I:

–ran the morning after Thanksgiving with Ian  at Belmont Lake State Park, near my brother’s house.  Raced by an estate which had cannon in front glanced at a sign about the War of 1812, but can’t find more information the web, I must walk next time to discover the history.

–walked to the Fire Island Lighthouse from Robert Moses State Park Field 5

–ran next to Ian as he walked in the slowest jog ever at Alley Pond Park.  It was good training for the marathon I thought, just  to the 10th power..

All together, ran 4.5 miles and walked an additional 4 miles–not a great week, but it was after all, Thanksgiving..we want to run the “Jingle Jog” on December 11, 4 miles, but I want to try to run 4 miles tomorrow before I commit to that..

Running, particularly yesterday at Alley Pond, is the only thing that keeps me sane..of course I missed a bunch of 12 step meetings this week..


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