Alley Pond Park

Looking back over the weekend,

Friday I got out late and really didn’t feel like running, it was cold.  But we did our mile course directly out of the apartment and were glad we did when it was over.

Saturday was perfect, ran in the afternoon when we said we were going to, and did 3.2 miles on Joe Michael’s mile, walking the rest of the way back.

Sunday, Alley Pond Park at 5:30 pm in darkness, no lights on the trail although for most of it, there were houses set back on either side.  November has been yellow, but this night was Hansel and Gretel/Halloween orange.  The hills helped us know what our race will be like.  The steps wound around where we had parked and the immensity of the forest in the dark scared me, as he had run ahead of me.  I ran 2.5 of the 3 miles, walked the rest, I had never gotten into the right rhythm, I think fear of the dark and the wet leaves on the trail scared me.  I am still unsure of my foot placement, I am reading contradictory views.  I tried both ball of the foot and heel striking.  I think my efforts have kept me lighter on my feet with either placement.

Chanting, church, 12 steps and running are still not chasing all my blues away..


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