Joe Michael’s Mile

Little Bay Park  adjoining  Joe Michael’s Mile

I ran 2 miles with Ian last night on Joe Michael’s ‘Mile” a 2.4 length course dedicated to an individual with a heart condition who ran every day.  The course runs alongside the Cross Island Expressway just as it reaches the Throg’s Neck Bridge.  It is my ‘home’ course.  One side, is Little Neck Bay, geese, swans, ducks, herons, trees, rocks, sea, boats on the other side is congested traffic.  I love it.  I was proud that even although I felt that nagging cramp, I worked through it and never stopped running. I imagine doing that course about 13 more times in one long marathon.  I imagined my first race and whether I would be discouraged by people sailing past me.  Perhaps I should imagine that they are the ducks flying in formation alongside me, and pay them no more mind than that.

I am most amazed and pleased at how little time it takes to do the right thing and fit running into the day.  I just got accepted into an on-line doctoral program that begins in March.  It is frightening, but if I apply the same principles, I think I can incorporate that in too.  I know some people who do what I do and still have children and grandchildren they care for.  I just have the heavy psychic care of loving people who are far away from me, as well as the man who lives with me and shares my life with me. Otherwise, its just a matter of less aimlessness.


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