Inspiration # 2

Mumucur munayo devah

sumanamsi mudanvitah

mandam mandam jaladhara

jagarjur anusagaram

nisithe tama-udbhute

jayamane janardane

devakyam deva-rupinyam

vishnuh sarva-guha-sayah

avirasid yatha pracyam

disindur iva pushkalah

devakyam deva-rupinyam

vishnuh sarva-guha-sayah

I didn’t run last night, but went to prayer at Christ Tabernacle, then chanted Om Nama Shivaya with Krishna Das….and found Dasi and Devaki again..I have a real fluid spirituality, I guess you might say, but I see the practice of Bhakti Yoga and the worship in an Evangelical church as the same activity, only the names and languages are different..the sun looks different on different walls, to paraphrase Rumi and his translator Coleman sad that the bliss I can attain doesn’t always stay with me..anger still courses through me when I feel overwhelmed..tonight, running and a 12 step meeting…


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