inspiration # 1

Sri Chinmoy’s followers run for hundreds of miles for days around the same city blocks.  It’s definitely mind and spirit over matter.  I love going to eat at their breakfast place.  They are all so peaceful.  When I was doing more yoga, I was more attuned to subtle energy than I am now, but Sri Chinmoy’s followers radiate their inner peace, and it is easy for all to see.

I had a hard night last night, I was stressed out about an interview and a fight with my life partner/running partner, Ian.  I ran alone for around a mile, the loop around my house that we usually take.  I casually timed it at 15 minutes, usually it takes me more time.  I am not yet up to the point where I use a Forerunner GPS watch or count my steps or anything.  I know I am slowly getting faster, I know running is becoming something  that feels right in my body,  these things are such good gifts to myself.  Only 15 minutes and everything was a bit better.  But I couldn’t sleep last night.  I will try to get out there again tonight.  This November has been so beautiful, all blue skies and yellow leaves and mild temperatures.  I think my senses are sharpened by my practices of prayer, running and more conscious eating.

A portion of a hymn I sing has been my mantra–IT IS ENOUGH FOR ME

This is the whole song, by Mia Fieldes:

I will not forget

You said even in the valley

You will not forsake me

And I will not forget

You’re there even in the darkness

You will not forsake me

There is a rugged cross

Its shadow falls upon

My soul that once was lost

I will not forget

There is a rugged cross

It is the proof of unshakeable love

It is enough for me.

When I can remember IT IS ENOUGH FOR ME, I am always fine. I can’t forget!


5 responses to “inspiration # 1

  1. I love this song. It is very inspirational to me; I heard it from a friend. But I cannot seem to find this song anywhere. Do you know what CD it’s on or where I can find it…?

    • Hi–I have a recording of it –its on CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE by the Christ Tabernacle Choir from Glendale, NY. Mia is the lead singer with the choir backing her. The CD is available at This song changed my life I would say, it really opened my understanding of my relationship with Christ, after so many years of searching. Thanks so much for stopping by, God bless you.

  2. i cannot find this song anywhere on youtube or amazon to download!!i went t christ tab but moved to georgia few months ago and i love this song but cant find it anywhere

  3. Its on youtube as ‘ I will not forget’ and available to download as a MP3 from the ‘ Change The Atmosphere’ CD..can I also highly recomend from same CD ‘ Pwer of Your Blood’ – I do not know the singer as yet but INSPIRATIONAL and AWESOME come to mind

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