First Night Race in Saratoga

5 K uphill in the beginning around Skidmore College on December 31.  In the cold.  This is probably the biggest challenge for me.  And for the next few days, working late.  I can’t seem to run early.  I will run tonight no matter how late I get out.  The race itself is at 5:30 pm, so it is good training.  Mondays will always be a ‘rest’ day–because I teach after my 9-5 until 9 pm.  And I am finding it exhausting.  So no mileage yet this week..

Hate–I have talked about hating running and although I didn’t say it I hate the cold.  Why am I trying something that I have previously been so adverse to?  What am I going for?

My middle age has been as blessed as the rest of my life–I have a good job, a relationship, I am looking at the world with spirit, for the most part.  But, I am after all, middle-aged.  I do occasionally look up sites to determine the price of week-end facelifts.  I can’t believe that I can’t lose this belly-fat.

I made a commitment to myself not to go under the knife until I was eating, sleeping and exercising to such an extent that I knew what my natural best looked (and felt) like.  I couldn’t say I knew that anymore.

I went back to being an almost-vegan (sorry, I still wear silk and eat honey, and occasionally, I will have a piece of birthday cake) but animal products are by and large off my table.  But one can still find a way to really binge on processed plant food and still feel almost virtuous.

And I started running again.  It was as always, painful at first.  But I knew that if I could get back to the point I was a few years previously, that I would breakthrough the resistance and surprise myself.

Setting a goal for the marathon excited me.   It is so out of my league.  But one race at a time, I am going to do everything I can to make it happen.  I am no longer looking at plastic surgery sites, I am trying to figure out how I determine my pace, and what 85% of my target heart rate should be.   It’s one of those pursuits that teaches me about myself.  I think it is the one large goal I have ever made that is entirely self-motivated.  I won’t get a raise or a promotion or tenure or anything.  Let’s see if I can do it…


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