Last Week

Last week I:

…signed up for First Night 5K Race in Saratoga Springs NY

…began a training log–and logged 9.7 miles for the week. The 3.4 miles on Sunday consisted of 2 loops of the beautiful Central Park reservoir path, pictured above.  A perfect landscape for me, a canopy of trees most of the way to my right, water to my left, and of course, the NY skyline..such a feast, such a blessing to be there.

…read Runners World magazine like it was the Bible

…I saw some videos on proper form for runners.  It was a revelation.  No wonder I always hated running, ever since I was a small child.  I am a ‘heel-striker’…when i began landing on the ball of my foot, I felt as though I was flying.

The master plan:  sign up once race at a time, starting with the 5K (3.1 miles) and then sign up for a 10K, half marathon, and finally, the marathon..


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